I am a designer and printmaker, carving my designs on lino and printing them directly onto fabrics. My designs probably have more than a hint of the tropics to them as I was born and raised in Singapore. My father was an officer in the Singapore navy and often spent time drawing with my brother and I. At a time where most teenagers were encouraged to pursue degrees which would land them professional careers, he encouraged me to pursue my passion and interest in art and design. I graduated with honours in Visual Art just a year after he died.

Soon after graduating, I decided to embark on an adventure! I packed my bags and got on a thirteen hour flight to England. It was only supposed to be a two year stint but soon after arriving in Leicester, on a very cold summer’s day, I met Ben and we’ve been together since. We now share our lives with our two daughters and our two border terriers, Daisy and Fred.

I am definitely influenced by my love of nature and the colours of the tropics and that is reflected in my early designs. However, having lived in England for twelve years, it’s been hard not to be influenced by the huge variety in colours, the seasons and nature. There is always something to discover when you’re a foreigner in a different country! Even the stinging nettles are interesting.


Since launching my first designs in 2013, my designs are now stocked in shops around the UK including Heal’s, The British Library, Kew Gardens, Fortnum and Mason, The Geffrye Museum, The Towner Gallery as well as some wonderful independent shops such as Harriman and Co. in Leicester and Primrose Hill Books and Daunt Books in London to name a few.

I hope you enjoy browsing my website and if you have any questions or wish to get in touch, please do and I will try and get back to you as soon as possible! – Kiran

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